Standard Operating Procedure

All John A. Maguire Real Estate agents are required by State Law to
uniformly apply their Brokerage’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) when
qualifying Buyers/Renters.

John Maguire Real Estate Standard Operating Procedures are as follows:

1. Prospective Client’s IDs: Buyer(s)/Renter(s) who are unaccompanied by
their own agent must provide identification before entering a property or
giving an offer. When accompanied, the accompanying agent must either show
their identification or that of their client and or customer.

2. Exclusive Broker Agreement: No exclusive brokerage agreements are
required for a buyer and or renter to work with John A. Maguire Real Estate
agents, but they should indeed be solicited.

3. Pre-Approval/Proof of Funds: Proof of funds (excluding source of
income), including mortgage pre-approval when an offer includes financing,
will be required before making an offer to purchase/rent.

Property owners are also free to set their own qualifying standards, as
long as, such standards are established in advance of soliciting
buyers/renters, is applied uniformly and objectively to all buyers/renters
and is non-discriminatory. Further, such standards may only be directed by
a property owner if such owner directs their criteria in writing, inclusive
of the date of such direction.